Road safety audit (RSA) is a systematic and independent method for assessing and optimizing the road safety quality level of a road project.

To avoid new roads being so accident-prone after only a few years that they can be designated as “black spots”, a road safety audit of the road project is recommended.

Road safety audits can be carried out at all stages of a project, but in the case of larger projects, it is often an advantage to carry out audits several times in the design process.

A press release from the Danish Road Directorate on 16 August 2013 states that road safety audits are an effective tool for reducing the number of accidents in Denmark:

“In the evaluation, 28 revisions have been examined, and a total benefit-cost ratio of 1.25 and a total accident saving of 2.2 personal injury accidents per year were found. This corresponds to a saving of approx. 10.8 million DKK. Auditors, project owners and designers are generally very satisfied. The prevailing attitude among project owners and designers is that road safety audits improve the projects, and there is generally great satisfaction with the audits.”

In addition, there is also money to be saved for reconstruction if problems are found in the design phase.

As a certified road safety auditor since 2011, Marianne Rask can perform a road safety audit on your road projects.



Accessibility audit is a systematic and independent method for assessing whether a project's traffic areas are designed so that it is also accessible for disabled people (including the blind and wheelchair users).

In 2016, Marianne Rask was certified as an accessibility auditor, but she only uses the certification to ensure the quality of other accessibility audits and generally assess accessibility issues.