Any organization can save a lot of time if standards are met for how the products are produced from time to time.
Read below how you can get help.

Implementing recommendations from BIM Infra

In the infrastructure industry, drawings and models are increasingly being exchanged digitally.

The collaboration forum BIM Infra (formerly: Det Digitale Anlæg/DDA) works for common and more flexible standards for the infrastructure sector.

From the beginning in 2004, VEX has participated in the working group that deals with standards for level structures for use in various disciplines in the infrastructure sector. The levels were originally based on bips level structure 2005 for infrastructure supplemented with corrections and additions made by the association All level structures, which are still called DDA levels, were updated in 2020, and can be downloaded from

In future, more project owners will require data to be provided according to DDA. VEX can help your organization to get started in meeting these requirements.



Project setup with MicroStation and InRoads/PowerCivil/OpenRoads Designer

Based on intensive experience with MicroStation, InRoads and OpenRoads Designer (ORD) since 1993, VEX can help making various types of software on the CAD platform MicroStation work together.

VEX has on several occasions worked for Bentley Systems developing a Country Kit for Denmark for the Civil products, and thus knows the amount of work switching from InRoads SS2 to OpenRoads Designer/OpenRail Designer - both in terms of setup and workflow.
The Country Kit for Denmark 2020 is adapted to the Danish standards - including the updated Road Design Standards and DDA level structures. VEX can help incorporate the new files into your organization.

When the project setup is in order, the models and drawings can easily get the same recognizable layout from job to job - regardless of when or who made them.


Developing local/general CAD standards

Based on bips/DDA/’s standard material, you can develop local/general CAD standards adapted to your own organization.
It can be, for example, a drawing head with your logo, special Feature Definitions, special profile annotations, or a company menu ribbon with selected commands and your own macros.

VEX can get you started on the process or develop your additional standards for you.

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