About Marianne Rask

Marianne Rask graduated in 1993 from DTU (The Technical University of Denmark), IVTB (Department of Roads, Traffic and Urban Planning) with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, with the thesis "CAD of grade separated crossings between roads and railways", with a top-grade.

In addition to a wide range of courses in the road sector and Bentley's software products, she has completed an education of project management and has qualified as a road safety auditor and accessibility auditor. She is also among the first 5 in the world to have passed the Bentley Systems Qualified Trainer Program for OpenRoads.

In the period 1993-2007 she worked at Carl Bro (now Sweco) in the department of Roads & Railways – in the end as a senior consultant and CAD coordinator, and then 2007-2014 at Roskilde Municipality as a road engineer and traffic safety auditor.

In the period 2005 - 2019, in addition to her permanent job, she was employed as an external associate professor at DTU Transport (since 2016 DTU Management). At a 3-week course once a year, she taught geometric road design - including the use of MicroStation and InRoads. In addition, she gave individual lectures on other road-related courses, and was the course coordinator on a course in railway design and maintenance. Finally, she served as a co-supervisor for students doing their thesis or supervised special courses. The teaching took place in Danish or English as needed.
In 2019, her external lectureship was terminated due to the closure of the field of road geometry at DTU Management in Kgs. Lyngby. However, she still has a few lectures in road geometry for DTU Building, where road pavement design is taught.

Since 2021 Marianne Rask has been an external examiner at DTU Engineering.

About VEX

The single-woman-company VEX was established in 2008 in response to a need for CAD coordination in the industry. Since then, VEX's services have been supplemented with road safety audits, preliminary road design and teaching. For the first 5 years, the work took place alongside employment with Roskilde Municipality and DTU Transport.

There are no plans to expand the company, which, as needed, uses partners and occasionally hires help from a bookkeeper and a designer.


I November 2015 Marianne Rask received Bentley Systems’ award “2015 Educator of the year Award“.

The award recognizes a member of the academic community who has an outstanding record of achievements and is committed to inspiring students to pursue careers in the infrastructure professions. The teacher is chosen among teachers world-wide.

Partners regarding teaching

In April 2017, VEX entered a partnership with Geopartner to teach courses in Bentley PowerCivil.

In May 2018, VEX entered a partnership with LIFA to teach courses in Bentley OpenRoads Designer.

Partners regarding road safety

VEX cooperates with a number of partners regarding road safety. See the members of the traffic safety network here.

Professional network memberships now and in the past

  • Member of the professional panel for the Danish magazine "Traffic and Roads"
  • Road Design Standards group 1.0: Rural roads and paths
  • Road Design Standards group 2.0: Urban traffic areas
  • DDA/BIM Infra: Working group for level structure
  • Board memberships in, TMC-DIB, Dansk Intergraph Brugerforening
  •’s Standard-gruppe
  •’s Civil-SIG
  •’s Civil-SIG, Jernbane-undergruppen
  • ILVT, The Association of Teachers of Road and Traffic Subjects at Engineering Education Schools


  • 2023 : CBS Executive: Board leadership
  • 2020 : Certified Bentley Trainer of OpenRoads Designer
  • 2016 : Accessibility auditor
  • 2012 : Project Management
  • 2011 : Traffic Safety Auditor
  • 1993 : The Technical University of Denmark
    M.Sc. of civil engineering, Building and civil works;

Customers and jobs

Lists of VEX' customers and tasks can be seen here.