CAD co-ordination.
Road Safety Audition.
Road design.

VEX is a one-man company run by civil engineer Marianne Rask. VEX has 3 primary specialties: CAD standards, traffic safety and civil design. In addition, teaching and guidance are offered within these fields.

CAD co-ordination

Any organization can save a lot of time if standards are met for how the products are produced every time.

Road Safety Audition

As a certified road safety auditor since 2011, Marianne Rask can perform a road safety audit on your road projects.

Road design

Do you need to design traffic calming measures that meet the requirements of the authorities, or does your organization need an extra hand during busy periods? VEX can help.


If your organization needs to retrain your employees for road design or to use Bentley's civil software, VEX can help.