What symbolizes the logo?

The arc in the V in Vex is constructed as a clothoid and a circular arc.

The clothoid is used in road design as a transition curve between either a straight line and a circular arc, or between two circular arcs with different radii or directions.

Centre stripes (Q41 traffic lane line) have been laid on the curved part of the V, and the black colour is greyed out to symbolize an asphalt road.

What does vex mean?

Here are 3 different suggestions:

  1. VEX = “Veje Er Xtremspændende!” meaning Roads Are X-tremely exiting!
  2. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary:

    vex transitive verb \ˈveks\

    1) anger or annoy somebody, especially with trivial matters: “She was vexed that he was late.”
    2) worry or distress somebody: “He was vexed at his failure.”
    3) a vexed question: difficult problem that causes much discussion: “The vexed question of who pays.”
    - so, a consulting service that goes into great detail and continues to drill into the problem.

  3. As a child, Marianne had the nickname Vex (pronounced so it rimes with “mix”).

The correct answer is “All above”.